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Most colleges and universities provide (usually for a fee) single or multiple occupancy rooms for their students. These buildings consist of many such rooms, like an apartment building, and the number of rooms varies quite widely from just a few to hundreds. Many colleges and universities no longer recognize the word “dormitory” and staffs are now using the term residence hall or simply “hall” instead. This is promoted as better describing a living and the learning community that is part of the larger academic institution. When the word “dorm” was first adapted for universities and colleges, the atmosphere of the buildings served as places for students to sleep. Often students had a curfew to be in the building for “lights out” and a “dorm mother” was in charge of running the building.. Features of life such as cafeterias, academic centers, active and passive programming, resident assistants and hall coordinators have given a new experience to living on campus.

On Lightning

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Lighting Experts propose visiting a potential apartment community at least two or three times at different times of the day. When you went to the property at nighttime, you’ll be able to find out what the neighborhood is resembling. Be sure that the lighting in the common areas and near your front door is well-lighted. If the lighting is not bright enough or if the light bulbs are burned out, report it to  your landlord immediately to resolve the problem. Indoors lighting as well is just as important. Most experts have the same opinion that timers are a sensible and inexpensive answer.

Condo Neighbors

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Neighbors can be your greatest allies but at the same time your most horrible enemies. Be acquainted with your neighbors. As much as possible, initiate short and friendly discussions with them, and take note how long they have lived at the community. When the time comes, you can even set up a buddy or companion system with a few of them so you all pay attention for each other. If you feel even the slightest bit uneasy, inquire one of your neighbors to accompany or guide you to the laundry room or parking lot so you won’t be by yourself. 

Light Play

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Lighting can be use to create dramatic effects for a small condo or an even bolder one for a big one. indirectbedSo lighting is a way of bringing to light some of the hidden features of your house you might want to share or not with your guests. Use it to sine light on an impressive collection of vases you have on the shelves. Behind plants, they add drama combined with the beauty of your green friends.
Ugly corridor you hate, use a centerpiece at the end of it and get the ceiling re-done perfect installed with indirect lighting and you get drama on the ceiling, that once the guests eyes leave that area, the art piece of sculpture takes over. Got a bland bedroom, use indirect lighting with colors to bring it to life. Be sure to use your inner artist and sure enough you get something personal and not store bought or copied right off a magazine.

Bedroom Decorating Tips

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For most people, bedroom is considered their personal space. It is much more than simply a sleeping place. Therefore, they really exerted effort and time to produce extravagant bedroom. In relation with this, most people are threatened to decorate their rooms because of the expensive cost. However, changing the look of the room, doesn’t involve expensive renovations. Below are top bedrooms decorating tips and suggestion that will surely make the room sophisticated. 

Painting the Walls

One of the best ways to have a classy bedroom look is to paint the walls. Try using a bold new color or a soft neutral. This can make the bedroom feel cleaner and brighter.

Putting Functional Accessory

In order to add color accent in the room, put some functional accessory such as new throw pillows, blankets and cushion. Also, it gives an opportunity what color combination is best in the room.

Changing Blinds and Curtains

Curtains have different collections to choose from because it has wide variety of patterns and fabrics. Nowadays, the trendy designs for curtains are velvet and sheer drapes. It is recommended to try something different or add the color for the theme the person wants.

Hanging Accessories in the Wall

Adding some accessories in the wall such as mirrors, frames, shelving, and artwork can make the room look sophisticated. Beautiful artworks can be found in the any art shops. Putting picture frames not only can make the room beautiful and artistic but also make the home bigger.


Mirrors on Walls can make the room classy

Mirrors on Walls can make the room classy

Image by Arcadian Home

Condo Interior Tips- The Filipino Style

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Filipinos who are far from Philippines can still have the Filipino inspired look in their condo. Especially those who are very nationalistic wanted to have a Filipino style in their room to feel the Filipino vibe. Below are some tips to achieve the Filipino design. 


If the kitchen has limited space, just put metallic refrigerator so that more storage can be placed around it. Stainless and metallic color appliances will be the best option because adding bright colors will make the kitchen looks smaller.

Living Room

In order to save space, it is recommended to put a build up shelves in the living room. This can be a multipurpose because it can serve as a light and at the same time decoration. To make it more Filipina look, buy Filipiniana materials such as pearls, capiz, and handicraft stuffs.

Master’s Bedroom

Having a long desk with drawers in the master’s bedroom is very essential. It can be used as a writing table or an area for the flatscreen TV. Also, cabinets with shelves are important because if there’s no enough space there’s a tendency to look cluttered. If the room is small, it is recommended to have a built up wall against the bed so that other things can be placed in this area.


Use of any natural light will make the bathroom look larger. Similarly, pick light colors and vertical stripes for the wallpaper to add a sense of height to the entire area.

Stainless colors in kitchen will be the best choice

Stainless and metallic colors in kitchen will be the best choice

Image by WXkaima

Different Ways to Create Unique Kitchen

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People who loves to eat and cook will surely spend effort and time in making their kitchen look clean and sophisticated. Creating unique kitchen doesn’t need a lot of money. It doesn’t require replacing extravagant granite counters and luminous brand new appliances. Here are some ways on how to make a unique kitchen without spending so much money.

  1. Choose a theme

Try to plan what items should be in the kitchen that will reflect the chosen theme. Most of the traditional motifs used are vegetables, chickens, sunflowers, strawberries and many more.

  1. Beautiful Kitchen Structure

Release the coldness by putting smooth materials such as granite and stainless steel with beautiful pepper mills, a marble mortar and pestle, an arrangement of herbed oils in attractive bottles or a bowl from China filled with garlic bulbs. In addition, to have a look that’s both visually pleasing and practical, display selection of pretty cups and matching creamer and sugar bowl.

  1. Allocate Area for Display

Consider putting a shelf with decorative moldings and arrange bowls, picture frame or mugs on top. Also, adding a built in shelf can be an additional future in the kitchen. Displaying a single flower in a tall vase of a thin sculpture will work.

  1. Alternative for Artwork

Nowadays, art paintings in kitchen are overrated. It is advisable instead of using art paintings as wall decorations, children artworks or family photo are good alternatives.


Using stainless and granite materials will make the kitchen look sophisticated

Image by Kitchen Modular Systems


Dos in Decorating A Condo

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In designing a condo, it is recommended to plan what is the theme of the unit. After which, that’s the time to buy appliances and equipments to make the condo look stunningly beautiful. Here are some tips from the experts that should be kept in mind when decorating a condo unit. This will surely make the condo look clean, wider and stylish.


  1. Invest in buying large furniture such as couch and bed since it is challenging to make the cheap stuff look good in the room. As much as possible try purchasing furniture that is multipurpose for dual purposes and to maximize spaces.
  2. Make an accent wall but it should not be a different color. Pick a tone, which is one or two shades lighter or darker to make a mood in the room.
  3. When buying cushions, curtains and throw blanket, it should be treated as one because blending this trio makes everything look good.
  4. Put removable wallpaper because it’s a good way to add patterns, prints and lines.
  5. Buy light fixtures that are inexpensive to add accent in the space.
  6. Place curtains in windows because it will surely make the space look nice. This can also add style in the condo.
  7. Decorating doesn’t stop on painting walls and hanging curtains. The space will better if there are accent pieces such as candles, picture frames, favorite books and favorite artists.
  8. Repurpose items for budget-friendly decorating.


Adding curtains in the room can make the space look nice

Adding curtains in the room can make the space look nice

Image by Samantha Pynn in Homes


Stylish Furniture in Condo Home

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Having stylish furniture is very important to condo units because furniture supports the purpose of each room. It does not require the owner to purchase expensive furnitures to make the condo look stylish. There are many furnitures that can be purchase at a very cheap price and yet it is still useful and classy. Below are some stylish and unique designs of furniture that will best suit a condo. 

  1. Cocktail Cabinet

During 1960s, playing music and having cocktail cabinet is very important especially when entertaining visitors. Adding cocktail cabinet at home can make the place more elegant.

  1. Pull- Out Sofa Bed

With this furniture, it accommodates the visitors to stay overnight right in the living room. Also, if the condo is quite small, this furniture is perfect because of its dual purpose- bed and sofa. With just one easy step, it can turn into a bunk bed good for two.

  1. Bookshelf

People who are bookworms will surely add bookshelves in their condo unit. To make it more unique and classy, they can use the tree shape design and put it against the wall. It is very multipurpose because it can be a wall décor and at the same time a bookshelf.

  1. Hanging Bed

Everyone dreams to float in the air, why not put floating bed in the room. It brings light and space in the room, which maximizes the area in a condo unit. In addition, it is very unique having a suspended bed.

Sample design for the wall

Sample design for the wall

Image by Interior Design and Architecture Goods Home Design



Terrific Design for Small Condo Space

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Nowadays, living in a condo is becoming popular because of its efficiency and accessibility. However, having a small condo space is starting to be an issue because of the common layouts and the difficulty to design the condo. People have this wrong generalization that having small condo will not look classy. This is not true because there are different techniques. Below are some terrific and unique designs that can be used in making a condo look great. 

  1. Summer Vibes

Some people love the feeling of summer. Why not have a summer vibe design in condo. Focus on brightening and summer- inspired colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue and pink.

  1. The Castle Look

Looking like a royalty doesn’t need to be spending so much money. Be glamorous and creative. Put beautiful and vibrant curtains in the window and mirrors in the desk space. To add more Disney look, add fur and patterns of polka dots and swirls in furniture.

  1. The Minimalist

This is for people who prefer having simple decorations. Add hanging shelves and lights that can make your condo architecture a little bit interesting. The important factor in this design is to maintain the clean and tidy room.

  1. The Workaholic

People who are very busy working in their offices can have this design. Just go for simple bold look with the color combination of brown, white and black. Along with the furniture and appliances that are very accessible to use.

Sample summer look for the condo unit

Sample summer look for the condo unit

Image by Hockerton Housing Project Trading LTD


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