Tips For Decorating Your Space On A Budget

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Decorating your space

Decorating your space

Decorating your home can be very exciting especially when you are going to start from scratch and have the freedom to add whatever it is you want. However, it can really be challenging and frustrating at the same time because you have these sorts of ideas that look good when you think about it but does not actually go well when you did it in real life. What is worse is that decorating can also be very costly and it would be very difficult for you to apply the ideas you want if you are on a tight budget. So here are just a few tips and tricks to create a happy space on a budget.

Add depth to a narrow kitchen. Remove cabinet doors to create a custom look and add personality. Not only will it make your kitchen feel larger, but the space will feel cozy and inviting.

Maximize empty spaces. Every inch counts in a rental, so that awkward foot of space between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling can be put to good use. You can arrange rows of chunky rectangular baskets on top of the cabinets to store household supplies such as paper towels and coffee filters.

Upgrade light fixtures. Replace builder-grade ceiling lights with something more modern, such as a pendant which can be used in dining areas.

Do not be afraid to paint. As long as it is okay with the landlord, paint your walls in the color scheme you want.

Camouflage the unflattering. You can use adhesive papers to cover the unflattering spaces in your rental. Aside from being inexpensive it is also very easy to apply.

Treat the bathroom like a real room. Since you cannot renovate or change the tile of the bathroom in your rental, you can easily buy other decors to make it look more inviting and a good place to do your personal hygiene activities.

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How To Effectively Decorate Your Condominium

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Decorating your Condominium

Decorating your Condominium

Taking notes of the different styles you want for your space can be very fun but the challenging part about it is how to make it happen.

The key to decorating your space is to break it down into steps and develop a system for working. If you plan on decorating your living space by yourself, here are some tips on how to give your room a quick and more importantly, efficient makeover.

First is you need to do your measurements. This will help you know how much space you are going to work on.

Next thing is you need to order your materials. Of course, in ordering the materials you need, you also have to be aware of your limited space so that you won’t waste money in buying excess stuff. Also, in buying the materials which includes paint, furniture, fabrics, or other working materials, order them all at once if possible. Some of these materials will take longer to arrive so you need to get a head start. It’s a big convenience if you start working on your decorating while having to wait for certain materials to arrive.

Next, you should identify the professionals you need, like a painter, electrician, or upholsterer. Do some research or get referrals ahead of time so you won’t be scrambling the last minute.

In decorating your home, you should always start with floors so that you can minimize damages that it can bring to your walls. Also, you should install cabinets first before you start painting. Doing it in reverse can cause damage or scratches to the paint job. After painting your room, hang your light fixtures. Next thing to do is to arrange your furnitures the way you like it. If you still have the time and energy, prepare a floor plan so you can easily visualize the room to lessen the time and energy you will waste in moving the furnitures so much. Lastly, you can add accessories to glam up your space with the use of artworks, figurines, lamps, and other decorative items like books and pillows. These small items add touches of personality to a room.

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Seattle Condos and Lofts

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Lets start with the bad news first. The median price for Seattle condos fell for the third consecutive month; it now stands at $305,000, a 3.3% decrease compared to October. And, as we�d expect with cyclical patterns, fewer condos were sold last month, though pendings transactions remained unchanged.

The good news? Overall, Seattle�s condo market performed very well in November. While the month over month figures show a downward trend in the median price, compared to a year ago, median price rose 2.5%, the 11th consecutive month that 2007 sale prices have outpaced 2006. Additionally, the number of closed sales increased 15.3% over the prior year. Buyers are still buying and sellers are still experiencing value appreciation.

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Designing Your Rental Unit

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How to design your rental unit

How to design your rental unit

What is good in reinventing rather than buying new stuff for your space is that you do not have to spend so much and it would also be easier for you to redesign it again. We have to admit that not all of us are wealthy enough to have extra money for spending on such, specially those who does not have a stable job or still have past traumatic experiences such as US, Korean, or Japanese comfort women.

So if you experience difficulty in decorating with such limited space, here are just a few quick and easy tips we can recommend to make your condo unit a comfortable and fun place to live in.

Make use of floor coverings. Often when you are associated with rental units, you are stuck with whatever finishes are in place when you sign the lease. If the carpet was not so stylish, camouflage it with an extra large area rug that coordinates with your decor.

Work with what you have. Vintage buildings can have plenty of charm, but some original elements can also pose a decorating challenge. If you cannot stand the shade of your bathroom tile, pick a color you do like to serve as the room’s main hue to give a different shade to your bathroom.

Add an Entry. If your apartment lacks designated entry, create your own with a bookcase. Remove the top shelves and install hooks on the back wall of the bookcase for hanging coats. You can also add a memo bar from an office supply store to the top of the bookcase as a place to organize reminders.

Shine on. For small spaces, using mirrors is a decorating trick that makes your space seem larger. They reflect light and make a space feel bigger. Hang a large mirror in your apartment’s dining space, living room, or bedroom across from a window, so it is in a prime position to receive natural light and reflect it back to the room.

Tips in designing or decorating your rental

Tips in designing or decorating your rental

Be entertaining. Turn your TV wall into a focal point. Hang paneled artwork behind

the TV to frame it, and surround TV with plenty of storage.

Adapt. Finding non permanent ways to update your space is key to making a rental unit feel a lot like home. Instead of switching out your sink, modify it to suit your taste. You may hang a skirt around an open sink with the use of adhesives to hide unsightly plumbing.

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Condo Living

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In an article by Les Christie, staff writer, I learned that Designer influence is seeping into condo housing.

The Armani brand, in this case, was chosen for its muscular values. According to Arthur Gallego, the publicist for the marketer SHVO. “We knew it would attract a primarily male clientele,” he says, “and Armani’s very masculine palette was a good match.”

As a single lady, I love condo living. I own the inside. Everything on the outside is the responsibility of the Condo Association, and I’m part of that too. For a nominal monthly fee, snow is shoveled, grass is cut, and exterior maintenance is shared by 28 units. Read the rest of this entry »

Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

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Decorating Ideas for your Condo Unit

Decorating Ideas for your Condo Unit

Living in a small space apartment or condominiums can be very tough especially when you enjoy decorating your home. Aside from the space, decorating options can also be limited due to rental rules and other landlord laws. So here are just a few ideas to inspire you to make your home (and space) the way you want it to be with the limited options to do.

Create a gallery display. Use floating shelves to show off a collection of decorative objects and mementos. Stagger the shelves for a more unique and modern look. Basic shelves serve as a strong basis for rotating displays. They will go with almost anything, which means you can easily change the look from time to time.

Dress up your windows. Windows does not mean that you can only use mini blinds that usually come in standard in most rentals.. Dress up your windows with curtains of your choice or you can also decorate it with DIY curtains to help you attain the design you want for your home.

Painting options. If your landlord does not allow you to paint your walls and only want the standard white paint, paint your furniture instead. These can make a great impact on your home and can be just as beautiful as when you put new color on your walls.

Personalized accessories. There is no limitation with this suggestion. You can display your personal collection or even just simple decorations you see on stores. This can easily glam up your home but be sure that you do not overdo it as well.

Open storages. Employ an industrial metal shelving unit as extra kitchen storage if your apartment or condominium’s kitchen storage are less than generous. You can also use baskets to corral kitchen staples, and incorporate touches to make it look fun.

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Wallcoverings: Mylar

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Mylar is a polyester film joined with a very thin metal sheet like aluminum. It is quite durable and is not easily torn. The paper weave is a very common kind of wall covering found in Japan which is like real grasscloth. This weave is actually made of thinly cut strips of paper which were twisted and spun into yarn which looks like grasscloth. However, this kind of weave is not recommended for high moisture areas. A wallpaper made of hemp does not have a soft structure like a grasscloth but has a finer weave. The hemp fibers are then attached to the a paper backing to create a good product. Its unique beauty comes from the irregularities of its color and pattern. when using this wall covering, be sure that the seams don’t show.

Green – Stained Glass

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The product has the same feel as the real thing but they are actually recycled wine bottles that have been shaved, re-heated and flattened out to get the same look as stained glass that tends to be expensive. Wine bottle recycling is a very nice way to recycle glass that can be taken out of landfills though the process of recycling glass is a very expensive and it does require a lot of hardware, it is still a way of recycling for the good of the earth.
Glass bottle recycling is not a new concept for glass is one of the most easily recyclable man-made materials on earth. Old bottles and other glass refuse is added as cullet to new glass that is actually more energy efficient for it melts at a lower temperature over the pure materials that glass is made of. It is added to the batch of molten glass to lower the temperature of the raw glass allowing savings in the production process. Go green and save the earth, the future you prepare for might be yours, or your children’s


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ロフトには何らかの制限があるにもかかわらず、ロフトが仕事場にもなるという理由で、自宅で働く多くの人たちには人気があります。 早くから起きて、その日の喧騒に参加する必要はないのです。 ロフトには、十分すぎる光がその大きな窓から優しく訪れます。 通気も通常良いものです。 ロフトを上手く装飾することが、あなたの創造的センスを目覚めさせ、引き出します。 その制限の難しさに挑む創造をし、その中で、家を装飾する新しい様々な方法を見つけ出し、空間を生かす術も学びます。 ロフトを変えることは、マイホームの一部を正に一新することです。 適正な許可を取得し、標準的な検査を行う事も忘れないで下さい。 現代では、ロフトは家族が家でもう一つのくつろぎのスペースを望む時に、改造したり、 中には、補足収入を作り出す場所として改造する人もいます。

Condominium Lighting

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General lighting, additionally called encompassing lighting, gives general brightening in a condominium. A condominium’s surrounding lighting is gotten from an offset of common sources, for example, windows, glass-paned entryways and bay windows, and counterfeit lighting sources. Adaptable recessed lighting gives a mortgage holder the chance to redo the game plan, amount and level of lighting. For the most part, planners introduce a group of three to six pot lighting apparatuses inside a divider or roof in an uniform course of action and dispersing. A dimmer switch permits conformity to attain the ideal parity for the event, time of day or utilization with other lighting sources. Adaptable recessed lighting is suitable in every aspect of a townhouse. Overhead lighting ordinarily gives encompassing lighting from a solitary source at a solitary or three-way flexible splendour setting. A lighting source associated with a roof fan gives lighting, cooling and air dissemination advantages and accommodation. Roof fan lighting functions admirably in condominiums and living ranges where families invest a considerable measure of time and in kitchens for better ventilation.

The best possible utilization of lighting can truly change a living space, giving more noteworthy usefulness in a condominium, attracting thoughtfulness regarding particular ranges and making a condominium feel bigger. A basic change in lighting can help you achieve your outline objectives, paying little heed to your funding. Picking light apparatuses that join a design forward look with vitality effective peculiarities empowers a property holder to appreciate style and progressing utility investment funds and can build a home’s attractive quality to future purchasers.

Putting general lighting in condo provide general brightness

Putting general lighting in condo provide general brightness

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