Securing Identification

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One common proposal or suggestion from security experts is to etch your driver’s license number on your most precious or priceless possessions, for example cameras, computers, and even small electronic appliances. It was also recommended to go one step further and photographing all of your treasures and keeping a record of them, together with their description and serial numbers. In addition, experts advice that photographing every kind of identification or document found in your wallet or purse is a form of security. Store photos and records in an off-site secure deposit box. These actions will assist in case whatever thing should happen to your belongings or if your purse or wallet are stolen.  

The modern style in condo interiors

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There are many different styles you can use when decorating your condo to make it look very chic. But probably one of the most appropriate design styles for modern condo living is a modern style.

Modern interiors are very sleek and use a very bare palette with a few color accents. This is a great style to use because most condos are a little compromised in terms of space and this style lends itself well to this limitation because it is an aesthetic that helps create the illusion of more space. Go to interior design web sites and look at some examples of this kind of style.

We have a Revolution!

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Here at, we will be revolutionizing this site as a whole. Here we will give you, readers, tips and advice on how to give your own condominium units or apartment units the chic-ness it deserves. By having a chic condo unit, one must have to right mix of pieces of furniture and be able to come up with a glamorous ensemble of pieces of art with the color of your living space.

For a couple of entries that I will be giving are on the furniture that are not pricey but at the same time practical and chic.

Living in a Truck Container Condo

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Imagine living in a condo unit built entirely from truck containers? Yes, and if this is approved by the Detroit city, it’s going to be one of the cheapest in town. It’s going to cost $1.8 million only, compared to the “normal” condominium costing 75% more. The location for the groundbreaking will be near Wayne State University in 2009.

“It’s been done in Europe and, to a limited extent, in this country. But no one has looked at organizing the process on a larger scale incorporating a range of recycled materials and efficiencies that could save a homeowner as much as 60% annually in energy costs,” she said.


Chic Furniture

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Making your condo chic looking can actually be easy and cheap. All you have to do is pick the right furniture to have in your apartment. You can have a small or large space and it won’t make a difference. Shabby chic is a style that exudes class and elegance. Think rustic decorative style that is oh so French! (Refer to photo above)

This style has the vintage vibe and is normally in a light color (white, pastels) You can create this look easily if you are patient. “Make do and Mend!” If you can not afford antique furniture you can still make it look like one! First step is to choose a classic style furniture. Apply two coats* of Chalk Paint – painting with a big brush in all directions. Then wax and use sand paper to take off paint to reveal old color. Then apply another coat of paint (preferably of the same color but thicker coating now)  Then sand with fine or medium sandpaper. This will now look like it’s rustic and vintage. Voila – you’ve now created Chic!

Adding a Korean Touch to Your Decor

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Photo from

Korean style isn’t a very well-known type of interior decorating, but it’s apparent from our examples below that the Korean look can be a very stunning.

When Architectural Digest featured Korean home design, they shared the story of a Korean business magnate who pleaded with his architect to design “something that wouldn’t shame my ancestors.” (source). The latter designed their home around classic pieces of Korean art, including beautiful pottery and antique Oriental furnishings.

It’s true that today’s Korean woman, traditionally the homemaker, has embraced modernity. The influence of the Western world means more and more Korean women are speaking up, such as in the case of the wartime comfort women who have filed a 10-million won lawsuit against their government.

This East-Meets-West modernity is quite apparent in the way they choose to design their homes. Think clean lines and neutral colors paired with the eye-popping textural details of a traditional Korean chest.

It’s something that Korean design has mastered: a balance of tradition and modernity, sometimes in absolutely surprising ways. DesignMilk recently featured a mind-blowing “Panorama House” designed by Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon, which includes a beautiful “multifunctional staircase”- stairs for adults, a slide for children, and book storage beneath every step.

Photo from DesignMilk

The idea of a multifunction staircase, which saves space and provides extra storage, is indeed wonderful when applied to tight spaces in condominium decorating. Below, we showcase some lovely homes with a uniquely Korean style:

Antique Chic

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antique2There are a lot of people who simply cannot do away with some family heirloom in one way or another, a cabinet that belonged to your grandparents or some other antique. It may seem straightforward but these precious pieces have more of a sentimental value than practical use but with some creative thinking it can serve the same purpose. The best way to give tribute to a piece with such character is to use it and use it well, the only problem is that these pieces way not be able to handle the regular wear and tear we may place upon them so additional protection should be applied in the form of a re-finish with modern protective coatings that can have the same feel and look of the original finish yet is more robust to use. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing A Landlord

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Spring is the busy moving period for a lot of renters. If you are one of the countless renters who are considering on moving in the coming months, you may want to look for more than just a nice, quiet, and relaxed place to live. You also need to find a highly regarded landlord who takes care of the assets and its people. Every time you move to a new apartment building, it’s significant to create a good relationship with your new landowner or property-owner from the start. That means you are conscious of what you are permitted to obtain from the landholder as well as what they will be expecting from you.

Condo Issue: Noise

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There are so many benefits of living in a condo but along with the pros there are also some cons. Possibly the number one problem of living in a building that is shared with other people is the noise. When people live in close proximity with each other, this is inevitable. What does one do to deal with this issue? First, every condo should have rules regarding the noise level you are allowed to make. Most times it would be from 10pm to 6am when majority of the residents are trying to get some rest. Anything that interferes residents’ from their unit should be eliminated. It is the management’s duty, to make certain that undue noise caused by residents, their guests or pets, is stopped. A call should be made to the management about the issue. Remember to take note of the time the call was made. Describe the noise you hear, how long it lasted and how frequent. The management will then inspect and give a warning to the people who are at fault. Sometimes these things can not be avoided. There would be days or nights when your neighbors will be inviting guests over and that is fine since it happens to everyone but if it occurs regularly then it is an issue to be dealt with immediately.

Dealing With Strangers

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When answering your door, first and foremost look all the way through the window or peephole to see who is there. If you are not familiar with the person, talk to them without opening the door. If you have any worries or doubts about the person, do not open the door. Get in touch with the landlord or police for assistance, if necessary. Do not ever permit  to enter your home an unfamiliar person to use the phone. Suggest to make the call for them as an alternative. Also, when dealing with othersask to see their identification. Even you are comfortable talking with the person, do not ever let them in.  

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