There are so many benefits of living in a condo but along with the pros there are also some cons. Possibly the number one problem of living in a building that is shared with other people is the noise. When people live in close proximity with each other, this is inevitable. What does one do to deal with this issue? First, every condo should have rules regarding the noise level you are allowed to make. Most times it would be from 10pm to 6am when majority of the residents are trying to get some rest. Anything that interferes residents’ from their unit should be eliminated. It is the management’s duty, to make certain that undue noise caused by residents, their guests or pets, is stopped. A call should be made to the management about the issue. Remember to take note of the time the call was made. Describe the noise you hear, how long it lasted and how frequent. The management will then inspect and give a warning to the people who are at fault. Sometimes these things can not be avoided. There would be days or nights when your neighbors will be inviting guests over and that is fine since it happens to everyone but if it occurs regularly then it is an issue to be dealt with immediately.